About Us

81 Years in Downtown Evansville

In 1934 Freda and Max Senzell founded Kor-X-All Co. in Downtown Evansville.

Max and his brother-in-law, Hyman Miles, were “over the road” salesmen selling janitorial supplies  from their headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

Both men found the Indiana market to be quite favorable and in 1934 Max opened Kor-X-All in Evansville with his wife Freda running the day to day operation.  Hyman and his wife, Dora, did the same on Wabash Ave. in Terre Haute.

Kor-X-All Today

From these humble beginnings, Kor-X-All has been a thriving business in the downtown Evansville business district since opening in 1934.  We are a third-generation, family owned entity with deep principles of “putting customers’ needs first.”

Our product line includes
floor maintenance equipment, paper supplies, can liners, floor cleaners and waxes, disinfectants, degreasers, matting, carpet cleaners, brooms, brushes, deodorants and restroom supplies.

Kor-X-All’s sales representatives cover its distribution territory which covers a 60 mile radius around Evansville.

We sell to all types of customers ranging from nursing homes, hospitals, schools, grocery stores, churches, industrial plants, office buildings, building service contractors, hotels, motels, restaurants, retail stores, convenience stores and service stations.


In the Media:

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Kor X All was also featured in the Evansville Business Journal in 2011.  Read more about us in the Evansville Business Journal